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March 2024

 Do you smell that too?!

Spring in France

Snowdrops still remind us of winter, but there are now also daisies, buttercups, hyacinths, and dandelions; the rose has awakened in an explosion of new leaves, the plum and almond trees are in bloom again…

Do you smell it too?

Spring arrives, the sun shines, birds sing: the garden is preparing for flowers and fruits. Meanwhile, we prepare the garden for your tents, for comfortable meals at the long picnic table, for people reading a book under the walnut tree, or for a dip in the cool swimming pool water…

There are still a few places available for a wonderful week all by yourself, with your hands in the clay and your head in the clouds, in our paradise in the countryside of Vannecourt.

To see the places still available, click here.

We will welcome you with great pleasure!

Bo and Anna

Bo's Crystalline pottery in the museum of Sarreguemines!

Green Crystalline Glaze Bo FilarskiMany of our guests over the years have been familiarised with the old faience factory in Sarreguemines. Nowadays, it is one of the pottery museums in this faience city.
This season, the museum will host an exposition on crystallisation.

This exposition will also include the works of contemporary ceramists. The museum asked me (Bo) to make one of my pieces available to be displayed. For nine months some of my work will thus be visible to all in the faience museum of Sarreguemines.

For crystallisation fanciers there will be a lot more outstanding art to discover there too. And of course the rest of the old faience factory (founded in 1827) will also still be open to visitors, and remains very impressive.

Do you also want to dive into our world of clay and fire for one week, and perhaps have a look at the museum in Sarreguemines or the ateliers close to us?

Click here for the available workshop dates

We will welcome you with open arms,
Bo and Anna

NEW special week 2024

          Holidays France

For 2024 we have also organised a wheel throwing week in a medieval "bastide" in the south of France (limited places).
See: ceramics-holidays-france

          Wheel Throwing Course

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