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Pottery Workshops + full board and lodging

Pottenbakken_Beginners_GevorderdenThe pottery workshops are for beginning as well as for advanced potters. Experience is not necessary; you work at your own level of skill and improve your own craftsmanship. The first three days we will be at the throwing-tables. After that your first fired objects will be glazed. Glazing is an almost magical process in which quartz mixed with metal oxides complete your work. By the intense heat of the kiln (more than 1000 degrees centigrade) the object is changed from clay into crockery. On the final day of the course your work will be fired by one of the special techniques (depending on the week). This can either be Raku, Anagama or Crystalline-glazing. For more information on these firing techniques, please see “themes”. Apart from the main theme, every week has a second theme: during the Crystalline weeks for example we work with a Pitfire too… The daring amongst you can help play with fire while the Anagama, Raku or Pitfire is being used. When in doubt about what theme to choose, feel free to contact us.

workshop_pottenbakkenBeginners will learn the basic principals of throwing and glazing.

Advanced can find out about the different techniques of throwing, e.g. making bottleneck or round vases. You can also work on making your own glazes.

Children can participate in the course; it is up to you as a parent to decide whether your child can concentrate and work independently.
        FrankrijkThe day: breakfast will be served from 8 till 9 o’clock, after which the lessons start. There will be a coffee break around 10.30 and lunch will be served at one o’clock . The afternoons are free: you can continue working in the workshop or do something else. Tea and coffee will be served around four and we’ll have dinner at seven o’clock.

The week: on your first day you can arrive from 3 o’clock onwards. Our first meal together will be at 7 o’clock . Day 2 to day 6: see above. On the last day the kilns will be opened after breakfast, you can clean up and pack your things; the ceramic centre closes at noon.
Cursus_PottenbakkenEquipment: The workshop is fully equiped with 15 throwing-tables, a pug mill to recycle used clay, two electric kilns, a gaz-kiln, a mini anagama (wood kiln), over 50 raw materials to make glazes and all sorts of tools. Advanced throwers may want to bring their own tools. At the end of the week everyone returns home with one or more finished objects.

The teacher: the workshops are taught by Bo Filarski. All products shown on this site are made by her.

        Frankrijk(For questions about how much clay you can use, what to wear, partners, diets, children, dogs etc please see “Conditions” at the prices page. For all other questions feel free to contact us.)