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Themes: Raku Anagama Crystallization


Workshops with Anagama, African Fire, Raku or Crystalline-glazes

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Raku, Anagama or Crystalline firing

All objects are fired twice. The first time the raw clay is baked and it becomes biscuit. The pot is then hard but still porous (like flowerpots). After the first firing a thin layer of quarts with metal oxides is put onto the pot. The object is then fired for the second time. Depending on the theme of the week that will be done in a Raku gas kiln, an Anagama wood fired kiln or an electric kiln. During the Crystallization week there is also a second theme, an African fire.
Here’s a short summary of the main themes.



Originally an Anagama is a huge kiln from 600 BC in which one year worth of pottery of a Japanese potter was fired. These kilns were fired with lots and lots of wood. Our miniature Anagama is a smaller one in which 1.5 cubic m of wood reaches the right temperature in about 20 hours. The fire will lick the pots and the ashes in the kiln will vitrify and stain the clay. A very primitive but charming way of firing!

Anagama mug

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In Raku-firing the red hot objects will be taken from the gas kiln to continue burning in a closed container. The thermic shock causes little cracks, the craquelé that makes every object unique. Raku is a traditional Japanese technique from 1600 BC.

Workshop Raku

Raku Course

Workshop Cristalline Glazes

Crystalline glazes

For Crystalline glazes a recipe with a lot of zinc-oxide is used. This glazing is melted on the object in an electric kiln at a temperature of 1275 degrees centigrade. Objects stay in the kiln for 30 hours, in a special atmosphere and under specific conditions concerning the viscosity. This makes the crystals grow. Every object is unique and has its own special crystals and colours. The prisms of the crystals are best seen in intense light. (Weather permitting a pitfire will be organized as a 2nd theme during this week.)

          Cristalline Glazes

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African Fire

With this technique the pots are not glazed, but polished with slip before the firing. After which they will be fired the primitive way, in an enormous campfire. After the firing the pots will be polished once more with bees wax.